Confession: Extra Virgin

Confession: Extra Virgin

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I met this guy while I was living abroad, he came to my school for a few weeks and we spent a lot of time together. I was a virgin, so was he and we decided we wanted to have sex. We tried but as normally happens on your first time – it’s didn’t quite work out. Time passed and I still thought of myself as a virgin and thought of my only sexual experience as a failed one. Months later I was still super nervous about having sex with someone for the first time but felt like it was about time I did something about it.

I met this guy in a club and I felt ready, so he came back home with me and we tried to have sex but I was super nervous. The next morning, I was telling my friend about it and this is when I realised that I wasn’t as much of a virgin as I thought, I mean I knew, kinda, how sex works but I thought if it didn’t go in all the way every time then it wasn’t proper sex. My bad…

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