10 simple steps to keep a women happy


Guys, it’s really not as hard as you think. Yes, we are wired differently to you men and sometimes it’s hard to understand each other’s way of thinking but unless you’re with some high maintenance bitch, in which case you should probably find someone else, it really is easy to keep us happy but if you are still unsure, here are 10 tips to keeping the special lady in your life happy and by your side.

Compliment us – We are very insecure creatures. Telling us how beautiful we are every day is a sure fire way to keeping a smile on our faces. However, make sure not to over do it, it then appears false and we will end up picking more flaws in ourselves.

Understand that we sometimes cry over nothing – Believe it or not, we do sometimes just cry for no reason, or at least a really stupid reason. Hormones are horrible and affect some women more than overs so don’t freak if we cry over a broken phone charger, just give us a hug and tell us it will all be okay.

Do things for us – This is something men think they do, but they don’t. Cook dinner or do the washing, do something that she normally does. There is nothing more manly than a guy that will do a bit of housework while you put your feet up.

Make us feel like we are more important than your friends – Friends cause issues in lots of relationships. Whether it’s because they stick their noses in your relationship or because they are a bad influence on your other half dealing with them correctly is important but you still need to make sure that she feels she comes first. Don’t ever teach your bff one of your special sayings, it will break her heart to hear it.

Encourage us to spend time with our friends – Girls get wrapped up in guys and sometimes forget how to have fun with their friends. Encouraging her to go shopping with her girls or go with her friends on that big night out will make her happy. Along with giving you both that much needed space without having to upset her by asking for it.

Think before you do stuff – Women tend to over think and men appear not to think at all. Many arguments would be saved if you just took a moment before you did something to think how would this make her feel. Sometimes putting yourself in her shoes would save you an awful lot of hassle.

Be spontaneous – There is nothing more exciting than coming home and your boyfriend says get dressed we are going out, or meeting you from work and insisting on taking you for dinner. Not only does it keep your relationship exciting,it will make her feel like the only girl in the world.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep – No one likes being let down, especially not by the person you love and give so much time to. Breaking promises is a big killer in relationships. Whether it’s promising you will be home on time or promising you won’t cheat on her, if you can’t keep it then don’t make it.

Admit when you are wrong – Saying sorry is a big deal, especially when you have been arguing for hours. That moment when you realise that you probably was wrong is an important one. Even if you can’t get the words out, giving her a kiss in the forehead or buying some of her favourite chocolate will make her forget what an idiot you were in the first place.

Talk it out with us – Women need to except that men need their space and men need to accept that issues need to be talked out. Having a half an hour chat about something will put her mind at rest instead of if bubbling inside of her and coming out in a massive argument. Talking is hard, but it’s a lot better than a potential relationship breaking argument.

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