Help! I’m going on a first date!

Help! I’m going on a first date!


First dates are happening all over the country at all times. There’s probably a few hundred going on as you read this article. In fact, there is even a Channel 4 show, ‘First Dates’ dedicated to the world of… Yep, you guessed it… First dates.

So why are we so fascinated in the meeting of two potential lovers for the first time? It is probably the inevitable awkward moments and hard decisions; are tequila slammers a good idea right now? Should I ask him if he wants kids? Does she have crazy eyes? Do I sleep with him?

Below are ten questions, answered from a male and female perspective, that will hopefully help you with those all important decisions you should probably think about before you embark on your first date. Good luck.

Joseph Barrientos Joseph Barrientos

What would be your ideal place for a first date?

Sophie: Going out for a casual meal is nice, or maybe a picnic if the weather is nice.

James: Have a few drinks at a nice bar and then head to something music-related.

What should you wear?

Sophie: I would wear black jeans, a crop top or smart top and a leather jacket. Probably teamed with some boots. You want to look smart without looking like you’ve made too much of an effort.

James: A shirt, skinny jeans and smart(ish) shoes.

Should you have a drink to calm your nerves before you go?

Sophie: Yes.

James: No.

Should you be fashionably late?

Sophie: No I don’t think so. You don’t want to be rude or look like you’re demanding on the first date! Maybe five minutes after you said, just so you don’t arrive first or look too keen.

James: No, if someone were late for me on a first date I’d either think they were daft or weren’t into me enough to bother arriving on time.

Charlie Foster Charlie Foster

Should you drink on the date?

Sophie: Yes! Always fun to get drunk! It’ll also make you both less nervous. Maybe even end up going out after?

James: Yes

Who should pay the bill?

Sophie: The guy should offer at least, being the man and all. I think it depends on how the date went as to if you split or not, but then I am all for independent women! Then again everyone loves a free meal/drink!

James: In my opinion, the boy should always offer first… Then I’d expect any decent girl to offer to split the cost.

Luke Chesser Luke Chesser

Should you ever have sex?

Sophie: I think it’s personal preference, but I wouldn’t ever do it! Unless it was like the best thing in the world and I fell instantly in love and thought that was the end of my dating worries!

James: If you’re genuinely interested in the person long term, then probably not.

Ilya Ilya

Are blind dates a good idea?

Sophie: I think if someone sets up a blind date thinking that the two suit each other then yes! Why not? If it was any other situation I would be reluctant! But I suppose anything can happen and I never know how desperate I will be one day!

James: Absolutely not.

Should you Facebook stalk a tinder match before a first date?

Sophie: 100%. You need to know what is about to turn up/make sure they are who they say they are! Also, you want to check they didn’t just pick good photos and waste your time with an ugly date!

James: Yeah probably. You can learn quite a lot about someone’s personality by stalking their pictures and Facebook.

Should it always be down to the guy to get in touch after the date?

Sophie: Yep! I think so. Expect them to text you, no girl likes texting first.

James: No. What a backwards question.

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