Single vs Relationship

Single vs Relationship

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This article will discuss both the benefits of being in a relationship and the benefits of being single. Everyone in this world, young and old, changes and evolves during different stages of life which are completely fine as we are all different and handle life in diverse ways. This article has been designed for people to understand what category they best fit into and that there is no pressure whether you decide you’re ready for a relationship or if you’d rather stay single.


Freedom is a must for each and every individual living in this world. We are all born into freedom and therefore must continue to live free which includes doing what we want to do and making our own decisions. As a single person being free means that you can do what you want and when you want. When you are single, you are not accountable to anyone else and do not need to feel guilty about any decisions you may have made. You are independent.

Morgan Sessions Morgan Sessions

Being single gives you slightly more time to focus on other areas of your life such as your career, your health, and continue to build your friendships. It gives you time to reflect on life and focus on what’s important to YOU and what you want. When you are single you are entitled to your own space and do not feel obligated to always be around your partner.

Chris Sardegna Chris Sardegna

You can also be sexual and flirt with whoever you want (but remain safe) as it’s your choice, you’re single and therefore do not have to feel guilty about any previous decisions you may have made.

When you are single there is no pressure to always be on your best behaviour which can otherwise lead to “boring behavior” and not having a good time. For example, during a girls holiday, if you’re single you do not need to think about taking precautions for the sake of your partner, you are free to be wild, have fun and enjoy your holiday away.

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Lastly, your money is your money. You are not responsible for a partner who may not make good financial choices. You are free to spend your money how you want and do not have to think about paying for the both of you when you go out.

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Please Note do not feel pressured to be in a relationship because people around you are in one. There are many people who prefer being single or having a “close friend” rather than a full-blown relationship. It is always best to wait until you are ready and make sure you’re choosing the right person otherwise you will be wasting your time. This also applies to having sex, if you feel as though you are not ready for sexual intercourse you should think about whether you’re ready to be in a relationship or talk to your anticipated partner about this to ensure you are both on the same page. You are the leader of your destination and personal life.

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Being in a relationship is something that many people crave, It means being loved, reassured when your down and having someone to lean on – a soulmate, someone to constantly spend time with, grow with and of course always be comfortable with and up for trying new things (which includes intimacy in the bedroom).

Paul Proshin Paul Proshin

The laughter is deeper whilst in a relationship, you will not feel awkward whilst having a “funny or embarrassing moment” as your partner understands you and you are comfortable with your partner.

Good relationships mean happy relationships and are good for your health, you always have company – The times when your friends cancel a day/night out, and you later rely on your partner to spend the day with. They will be more than happy to cover up and spend time with you whether it’s a day out or spent indoors. Spouses are often referred to as the person who’s always there – therefore they know you inside and out. The real you, your bad hobbits, who you like and who you don’t, what you can’t stand, what makes you laugh, what you enjoy doing, what stresses you etc.

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Great self-esteem – With constant love and support from someone you will have another reason to believe in yourself. A partner helps you move on from bad things that have happened in the past including bad relationships.

Love & security – When you have constant love, care, support and security you automatically become happier and will most likely become a better person. When you are being intimate with your partner you are not just “having sex” it’s not just physical, it’s much more than that because you are in love…you are making love.

Being proud – Having someone means introducing and involving them within your family. It is something to be proud of, and receive praise and blessings from other people. It is your chance to think about building/ starting a future such as marriage and creating your own family.

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Please Note there is nothing wrong with starting/being in a relationship at a young or old age. Many critiques state that being with someone at age 18 or in your early 20’s is a waste of time and you should focus on enjoying your youth. If you are both serious and love each other mutually you are bound to excel together and before you know it, will be together for many years if the relationship goes well. This does not stop you from enjoying your youth, in some cases, you may enjoy it better this way. Sometimes you have to take risks and give someone a chance no matter how old or young you are and try not to listen to negative advice if it’s what you really want. You are the leader of your destination and personal life.

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