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For Everyone Who Slams Online Dating

When my friend first introduced me to Tinder I thought no way am I ever downloading it. Tinder meant online dating and for me, online dating was always a no-go. I’ve always slammed online dating for myself. I’ve always thought of it as a last resort, desperate-and-on-verge-of-death option. There was no way anyone was going to get me to fill out my life story, age and weight online for all to see. I didn’t want to fill out a 400-word biography about myself. I didn’t want to put what I believe are my best ‘assets’ online nor did I want to attempt to measure my height and weight. The media had also always lead me to believe online dating was full of old men pretending to be young women just waiting to kidnap you. Maybe I’ve always been a little paranoid and slightly pessimistic but Christ, dating can be hard sometimes, especially if the majority of your friends are straight. Finding a girl who’s into other girls AND your type can be damn hard.

So I after a couple of months of Netflix and failing to meet anyone in clubs and bars, I succumbed to the online dating world. I was pleasantly surprised with Tinder and how easy and it was. Firstly it’s linked to a Facebook account which makes it that much harder to be an old man, and there’s none of this ‘summarise your life in a paragraph’ bollocks. Nothing cringe about Tinder other than the odd pickup lines. Another plus to Tinder, and online dating in general is you already have something in common with your match – you both find each other attractive which means before you even attempt to chat you’re already ahead of the game! Tinder seemed to be the perfect online dating app for me, it didn’t really feel like online dating, it was just swiping through people’s Facebook pictures. A bit like Facebook stalking, which let’s face it, we all do!

Jonathan Velasquez Jonathan Velasquez

After getting used to the idea and chatting to a girl for a while, I plucked up the courage to go on my very first Tinder date. She turned out to be a fairly successful singer and songwriter. I couldn’t believe my luck! Before meeting her I’d, of course, made her send me a video of herself writing my name on a board (just to make sure I wasn’t being catfished). We went to Winter Wonderland and it was great. It wasn’t as nerve-wracking as going on a date with someone you had met in a bar or club because I was able to get to know her a little bit beforehand and wasn’t drunk the whole time.  For one reason or another we didn’t work out but I went on a couple more Tinder dates with other girls afterwards and have since been in two relationships because of Tinder!

I have been in a very successful Tinder relationship for around 8 months now and could not be happier I opened my mind to online dating. While there is still this strange, underlying fear that one day nobody will interact with each other and we’ll all just communicate via the web, I have completely changed my attitude toward online dating and stick two fingers up at anyone who looks down on it. If you’re looking for love or even just to meet new people I say do whatever it takes. This is the future, get with the times, open your mind and the world’s your oyster! Stay safe though and make sure the person is who they say they are before you meet them. Happy dating kiddos

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