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BY Laura Lovejoy 

When you are one of London’s most eligible bachelors you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a date, right? Unfortunately, when you’re busy making a name for yourself and working on that promotion it is dating that tends to fall behind and with women becoming increasingly more career minded, it is becoming difficult to find the time to meet a companion. Now I have seen shows like Millionaire Matchmaker, where people pay to be matched with the person of their dreams but I never imagined that something like this really happens. I always thought that it was mostly done for entertainment, this was until I met Nana Wreko-brobby (who was actually mentored by the Millionaire Matchmaker).

Social Concierge Social Concierge

The modern method of dating relies pretty much solely on the internet, while there are many people who are sceptical about online dating I am living proof that it works, I met my boyfriend on Tinder and a year after that first little swipe we are still going strong but what is interesting about Social Concierge is that they are not online, it is all about getting out there and actually dating. Which is a welcomed concept if you ask me, the number of times I had wished that someone would come up and sweep me off my feet rather than just seeing who pops up on Tinder is too many to count. The digital age has had a massive interference with most aspects of our lives and while it can be fun, we shouldn’t let it take over our lives completely.

Social Concierge Social Concierge

Nana has created a company that takes dating to new levels. After living in New York for a short period of time she wanted to bring the New York dating scene to London. I have watched every episode of Sex and The City and I never imagined that dating in the city was quite as it appears in the show, I just accepted that it was spruced up to make the women’s lives more exciting. However, according to Nana that is exactly what life is like in New York, she said that when you are walking down the street people will just walk straight up to you and ask you for a coffee. It sounds like a world away from the ignorant London streets where it feels like no one notices you, so how exactly do you change a whole cities dating culture?

Social Concierge Social Concierge

It started as a blog all about the best places to go on dates but as things progressed, Nana was increasingly asked to play cupid so she turned the blog into what we see today, London’s invite-only dating social club. Most of their members come from referrals from existing members and they are very strict on who is allowed to join as they want to ensure everyone has similar interests and expectations in life. If you are a 27 year old self-made millionaire who has spent her life working hard to give yourself the life you have strived for since you were a little girl, then you are going to want a man who has similar morals and shares the same life goals.

Social Concierge Social Concierge

Nana defines what she does as cocktail parties and bespoke matchmaking, what could be more fun? The singles parties they host sound amazing and there is no cheesy speed dating or traffic light dress codes. They are held in the coolest venues in London to ensure that the parties stay classy, and judging from the pictures they look like lots of fun. During the parties they have people designated to make sure you mingle with others and to ensure people are having a good time, making it so much less awkward. They even host parties where you can bring a friend of the opposite sex that you aren’t interested in, in the hope that they will find someone as well. I was shocked that people turned up to parties on their own as I would certainly need some moral support but it is good to see people with such an open attitude towards dating.

Social Concierge Social Concierge Social Concierge Social Concierge

If you pay extra for the matchmaking service (the most expensive package is around £6000 a year) then you can expect a date at one of the hottest places in London with someone who is carefully picked to suit you. The first round of drinks are on Social Concierge in case you don’t get on, so there isn’t the ‘who is paying’ drama and let’s face it first dates are awkward enough without that. The whole date will be planned so you will even know where to go for after dinner drinks if you really hit it off. I hate it when you’re on a date and neither of you know where to go, it certainly sucks all the fun out of it. Then if you want to see each other again, Social Concierge will plan dates accordingly until you are ready to go alone.

Social Concierge Social Concierge

What surprised me most about Social Concierge is its target age range. I would imagine a service like this to attract middle age people but most of their members are in their 20’s and 30’s. I think this says a lot about how things are changing, people are becoming successful younger, this means that dating is taking a back foot as people aren’t spending their 20’s searching for love, instead they are off chasing their careers. I can imagine that services like Social Concierge will become more popular, which is great as it gives people more of a chance to find love. However, it is also quite sad to think people are now so busy chasing money that they haven’t got time to build real relationships for themselves. I have always been worried if I would I give up finding love to get my dream career but, thanks to Nana you really can have it all.

Social Concierge Social Concierge

Nana is just one of those cool and friendly people that give off such a bubbly aura, one that you always want around you and with all the success she has had so far, there is no doubt she is on to a winner here. I think when it comes to dating we could all learn a lot from her, it is time to stop hiding behind our phones and get out and meet people. Dating should be fun, it should be sociable and even if you don’t find love or whatever it is you are looking for at least you will be having fun and experiencing the city that you live in, which none of us does enough.

Social Concierge Social Concierge

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