Can’t hold us down

Can’t hold us down

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‘A guy fucks three girls then he’s the man, he can even give her some head, some sex, a roar, and a girl do the same then she’s a whore,’ spits Kimberley Jones, AKA female rapper Lil Kim, in a sexually charged girl power anthem featuring Christina Aguilera. Back in 2003, it seemed Kim knew what was up. Why is it fair for men to sleep with anyone they want, and all they receive is a pat on the back when in comparison women are named, shamed and defamed.

Kate Zaidova Kate Zaidova

Women, as you read this article, please don’t be put off by the realisation the author is a bloke. Once you know it’s written by a male, you will probably close the tab and think, ‘Who’s this dick head writing about women’s equal rights,’ but before you do hover over the little x in the corner, picture me standing here holding a sign with a rainbow painted peace sign and shouting BURN YOUR BRA! If we were in the 60’s I’d have been running through the streets, sticking it to the man and passing you a lighter. Being a young, gay male (without adding that I had ginger hair, acne and braces as a teen) I experienced nothing but inequality, rude remarks, and hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy at the arms of everyone around me. Society is never fair, and pretty much everything is socially constructed to fit this patriarchal society ran by dicks. Did you know that 96% of film directors are male? 96%! That is an outlandish, absurd, ridiculous and degrading number. Popular theorist and feminist activist Laura Mulvey conducted the phrase ‘the male gaze’, which is how women are viewed on television in contemporary society. With the majority of men being the film directors, it’s no wonder that Began Fox is standing there stark bollock(less) naked with her perfectly proportioned hip-to-waist ratio, those killer plump lips and striking blue eyes. Some director thought she was hot, then wacked her into Transformers to make everyone, including me, feel like shit. This is the perfect example of the Male Gaze. 21st Century society, you’re a bitch.

Gender inequality exists and is still going strong in 2015. Rose Grabowski, better half to a relationship and a bartender in London sparked discussion when asked why men get away with so much more. Simply answering, ‘Because women are considered ‘objects’ of desire and men are the ‘desirers’. Therefore, people subconsciously are willing to let men get away with more, because they are in pursuit of something, whereas women are the pursuit, hence the gender inequality. ‘ A not-so-controversial comment, which women everywhere will agree with I’m sure. There’s still a glass ceiling to break.

Back in the 1920’s, the right for women to vote didn’t exist. It would have been laughed at – mocked. A thought that you can barely imagine in 21st century contemporary Britain. So nowadays, why is it still okay for a man to fuck who he wants?

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Louise Winstanley, a 22 year old girl living in Manchester is known by men to be a player. She plays them at their own game (something girls should do more of) “I’ve heard it all. She’s a slut, she’s a slag. All because I treat them how they have treated me in the past. I’ve gone through my ex-boyfriends phone and seen him texting multiple girls, even cheated on me once…that I know of. I think it is okay for Women to be sexually charged. Why isn’t it? We’re hot, we’re young and we should be allowed to fuck whoever we want too.”

Without hesitating to agree, she carried on, “Men are dicks. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to settle down anytime soon because I’m having fun. That is what life is about. Enjoy it while you can. Fuck whoever you want to girls and remember…they do it.”

There are words that are associated with women with derogatory meanings. One in particular for women is the word cunt. A gender specific pejorative. Often used as a slur because, let’s be honest, being a woman is insulting, demeaning and “less-than”. It is not okay for men to call women this and it is certainly not okay for women to call women it. It just makes it okay for men to do it. Basically, we aren’t living in an equal society, so FUCK WHO YOU WANT and maybe one day we will get there.

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