10 signs your boyfriend is worth holding on to

10 signs your boyfriend is worth holding on to

BY Laura Lovejoy

Every person is different and this means every relationship is different. There is no special formula to know if you have found the one but here are my tips on how you can make an educated guess as to whether you should put up with his massive farts, smelly feet and bad hygiene or whether there is something better just around the corner.

He’s romantic – I don’t mean the old fashioned writing poems and confessing his love to you every day, it’s the little things that are important. I’m talking about when he puts extra grated cheese on top of sandwich because he knows how much you love to eat it on its own. Or if he surprises you with a can of San Pelligrino because he knows it’s your favourite.

He makes you laugh – laughter is important in any relationship. It’s where all your little ‘moments’ that no one else gets come from.

He supports you – If you came home one day and said ‘I want to be a burlesque dancer’ he would say great, how you going to do it. Remember that the support works both ways.

He is spontaneous – A stale and predictable relationship is never fun. If he calls up on a Friday night and tells you to be ready in half an hour because you’re going out, then you get changed out of those pyjamas and put your freakem dress on!

He makes effort – This comes in varying degrees. Women tend to not see when a man is making effort and this can cause problems in a relationship, but if he has given up a night with his friends to spend watching movies with you, then thank him for it. That is making an effort.

He doesn’t expect too much from you – If he expects you to clean his clothes, make his food and clean up his mess then you need to come down on him like a tonne of bricks. It’s the 21st century. Women aren’t confined to the kitchen.

He treats your needs as equal to his – I don’t need to explain this one but if he isn’t doing it for you then it’s time to say bye bye.

He makes you happy – Us girls are suckers for a compliment and if he tells you that you are pretty every day then you have found a keeper. If he makes you cry more than he makes you smile then it’s time to move on honey! If you’re a high maintenance spoilt brat then keeping to happy might be harder than most girls.

He wants to show you off – He should be proud of you. You are a strong beautiful woman, why wouldn’t he want to tell your friends about you? After all, he is all you go about to your friends.

You can’t imagine your life without him – Relationships are hard and sometimes you will hate him and feel like you never want to see again but if the thought of living without him is unbearable then you need to hold on to him. Not in a ‘you need him’ way but in a ‘we are team, a power couple’ kind of way.

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