Do long distance relationships really work? 

BY Laura Lovejoy

When I went off to uni, I was planning on making a long distance relationship work and while mine and my exes relationship was doomed from the beginning (hindsight is a wonderful thing) I really thought we could do it.

It was horrendous. We argued every day and questioned every action the other person did and we soon hit the final nail into our relationship’s coffin. But I have always been curious if it was actually the long distance that ruined our relationship, or the long string of lies he told.

I have friends that do long distance and while they have their ups and downs (what couple doesn’t) they make it work. And by long distance, I am talking going months without seeing each other and being on opposite ends of the earth.

Now, I love Clint to bits but I honestly don’t think we could do it. Does this make our relationship weaker than those that can? I think not. I suppose all relationships are different and not being to handle being away from your significant other doesn’t mean that you’re weak or that you don’t have individual lives it just means that you have a different relationship to those than can.

In a way, I think going long distance can bring great things to a relationship. It brings a wave of independence which many loose once in a relationship. While it may be different if you are permanently living apart compared to working away for a couple of months, it can allow many people to not have to sacrifice their relationship to pursue dreams and aspirations.

Me and Clint live in each other’s pockets and we like it that way. I know that if I wanted to move away to further my career, Clint would be right there with me packing out bags. Luckily, both our jobs are pretty flexible and can be done pretty much anywhere but long distance just isn’t something that would work for us.

You just have to figure out what’s best for you but living long distance is always going to hard and you need to be prepared for trust issues and finding ways to still keep the passion alive. But I genuinely think that if you can survive being months apart and not talking as frequently as you like and if you can both resists the many temptations that life throws at you, then you can survive anything.

Would love to hear your thoughts on long distant relationships, could your’s survive a different time zone?

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