Date Idea: Yoga At The Sky Garden

Date Idea: Yoga At The Sky Garden

By Anonymous 

I like to try to be healthy and do all the things a 20-something woman is meant to. This includes trying to do yoga where I can. I’ve watched a few yoga tutorials in my time and I know the basics – although my balance is a little (VERY) off. So when a guy I’d been on a few dates with suggested a 6 am yoga date at The Sky Garden, I was pretty up for it!

You have to get there 15 minutes early in order to get through security as it’s pretty strict. The class is for all levels but be careful not to copy the people who really know what they are doing, they might make it look easy but before you know it you will be collapsed in a ball on the floor with a rather red face.

Doing the yoga itself isn’t very sociable as it takes a lot of concentration and it’s certainly not the place to get to know each other. But as the morning goes on and you watch the sun rise, with the right person, I am sure you would feel a sense of togetherness.

Breakfast was included in the price of the tickets but we decided to eat in the restaurant instead, which felt a little weird in gym attire but where it was two of us, it was actually quite amusing.

After breakfast, we both wondered around the gardens taking pictures and chatting. If you’re  going to do it as a date, it’s definitely a date for when you’re starting to get serious – which we were not. Unless you’re a super sexy yoga pro there’s a lot that can go wrong, think camel toe and sweaty armpits.

I did really enjoy myself, however, it was the last time said date got in contact with me. My overall verdict would be that it was great fun but probably better suited for a date with your girlfriends. Not sure if it was my sweaty forehead or my yoga pants but something certainly put him off.

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