5 tips for healthy living with you partner

5 tips for healthy living with you partner

BY Laura Lovejoy

As much I would love to be healthy, I’m not. I would choose KFC over avocado on toast any day. I am taking steps in order to improve my overall health but it’s significantly more difficult when you’re living with you boyfriend. All it takes is for him to bring home some chocolate or suggest a takeaway and that tiny bit of will power you had has disappeared. To help couples navigate getting healthy, I’ve put together some of my tips;

Learn to support each other. If you’re both unhealthy, you need to be each other’s rock and help each other through it. Getting fit and healthy is fucking hard and having someone by your side who is going through the same thing can be comforting.

One may need more encouragement than the other.  In my relationship, I am the chubby one. Clint eats a lot but never puts on weight (so unfair) and he loves the gym, so I am the one who needs that extra push. But if you’re the fit one in the relationship you have to encourage the other to achieve their goals – that means under no circumstances do you bring chocolate home – take note Clint!

Plan your meals. Spending a Sunday morning gathering ingredients and cooking the afternoon away makes the ideal date, People do say the way to the heart is through the stomach and if it keeps you healthy in the meantime you have nothing to loose.

Exercise together. Everyone is always so busy all the time and it’s hard to spend quality time with your significant other, so why not go to the gym together? Or even come up with your own little exercise routine? Not only are you getting fit, but you’re also spending quality time together – it’s a win-win.

Add a little healthy competition. You’re both going to have different goals, whether that’s losing weight, getting fitter or gaining muscle but finding a way to measure them and put a bit of competition in the mix could be that extra little inspiration that makes you reach your goal.

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