Confession: What a Tit?

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So, I was a teenage and I was chatting to this older guy. Allured by is age and blinded by naivety, when he gave me his number and asked me to send him a picture of me in my bra I happily obliged. It was late at night when I did it so I wasn’t expecting a reply straight away but even hours into the next day I hadn’t heard anything so I decided to call him.

Much to my surprise, a female answered. Now, I never made the rookie mistake of having anything that could identify me in the picture so I wasn’t worried about it getting out, but I was concerned about who is was that I had just sent a picture of my breasts to. I waited and my mind ran wild, was it his mum? Was he playing some sort of joke on me? Then it came, a text message that read something along the lines of “you nearly gave my husband a heart attack, as his age he doesn’t take lightly to seeing images like that and you should be more careful in the future”. Oops. So the lady on the phone wasn’t his mum, it was a poor unsuspecting old lady! After rereading the MSN message the guy had sent me, I realised I had typed the last number wrong! Unfortunately, it took me a few more years after that to learn my lesson about sending pictures to randomers but it is safe to say that my boobs stay firmly under my shirt and away from the camera these days!

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