A Couple’s Guide To A Hangover

A Couple’s Guide To A Hangover


BY Laura Lovejoy

The morning after a night out is dangerous territory. It’s bad enough if you have to suffer it alone but having to navigate someone else’s feelings after 10 G+Ts, 7 shots of Tequilla and a 5-hour dance session can end in total disaster. As someone who is well versed when it comes down to hangovers, I have put together a helpful guide to help couples overcome the day after the night before with minimum damage to your relationship.

Food. Anyone who’s had a hangover, which I am assuming is most of the people reading this, will know that food is vital. Most people will opt for something greasy, maybe some fried chicken or even a Dominoes, the key to hangover food is that it has to be something that can be delivered, therefore requiring minimum effort. Deciding what to eat is the first hurdle to get through as it opens the door for arguments but try to be open-minded and if you really have to, then order two different takeaways. You might pay double delivery but if it avoids an argument it’s totally worth it.

Damage Limitation. Let’s face it, we’ve all done and said things we aren’t proud of after a few alcoholic beverages so the chances of waking up knowing that your antics from the night before has upset your significant other are pretty fucking high. Therefore the first thing that comes out of your mouth should be an apology, even if you’re not sure that you did anything wrong.

Movie Time. The safest way to spend a hangover is to binge watch Netflix. This way you don’t have to comminate too much and it it’s not particularly draining. Your partner may suggest a walk, and walks can do you good but it’s a dangerous world out there so don’t feel under any pressure to leave your bedroom.

Take a Nap. I have always been sceptical ‘the nap’ but when you’ve had 3 hours sleep you are by no means thinking straight and a quick 20min/3hour nap could make all the difference. Plus, you won’t be able to communicate while you’re snoozing so that further eliminates the chances of a sleep deprived altercation.

The Resurrection. Once you’ve fed yourself, binge-watched the hell out of Netflix and had a nap, it’s time to accept the fact that you probably aren’t going to die and you have to go back to work tomorrow. Give you and your partner a pat on the back for surviving, jump in the shower and get yourselves an early night!

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