The World’s First DRM (Dating and Relationships Manager)

By Laura Lovejoy

Dating is hard work. There are the blind dates with people who look nothing like their Tinder profile, trying to find somewhere to go that makes you look interesting and cultured (I once took a date to a warehouse-party-rave-thing, not my finest hour) and that’s before the date has even started. You then have to worry about not getting their name wrong or making a complete buffoon of yourself.

Now I might have been out of the game for a few years but when I was in – I was IN. Me and my friends would sit up the kitchen table discussing our latest Tinder match for 30 seconds until we came across a new one and we did this for hours. It was hard enough for us to keep up with our own, let alone with each other’s. However, that could be soon about to change with new dating and relationship managing app – Evolve.

The app isn’t a dating app as such but instead, it allows you to weigh up your options and reflect on the dates you have been on. After every date, you can rate the qualities of your date as well as adding pros and cons like ‘fit as fuck’ or ‘serious baggage’. Sounds good, right?

pexels-photo-58572.jpegOnce you’ve inputted a decent amount of info about your dates Evolve will be able to offer insights based on other people your ages like are going getting a similar number of second dates as everyone else or do you get your age groups average amount of first date smooches. You can also rate date spots to other users can use it for inspiration.

While I could have done with an app to keep track of what’s going on in my dating life I’m not sure I could have coped with seeing I go on more dates than average (which was likely) or that I didn’t get as many second dates as other 20 somethings. I’m not sure I am alone in that thinking either.

While I appreciate the innovation the world of dating is complicated enough without having to look at lists of what you like/dislike about 20 different people and how that compares with your age group’s average.

My advice would be to put down the data and trust your gut. 9/10 it will be wrong but relying on patterns or algorithms to find love just takes all the fun out of it!

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