Why your boyfriend should be your rock

Why your boyfriend should be your rock

BY Laura Lovejoy

A year or so ago, someone asked what Clint gives me? They said they could see that I have changed his life for the better and were curious to find out what he did for me. At first, I didn’t have an answer but the more I thought about it the clearer it became.

What I have done for Clint is clearly visible. He was in a bad place when I met him, he still lived with his Mum and would get paid on a Friday and have nothing left by Saturday. He had no plan for the future and lived by the minute.

Now he wakes up every morning at 7 am and goes to work for himself, he quite often works long into the night and is 100% focused on improving his life. He still goes out every now and then but he knows there is more to life than spending all his money on partying and he’s got quite good at saving.

I’m not saying that it was all down to me, I think you can only really achieve great things if you deep down want it – which he always did but he just needed the kick up the arse to do it. He’s always had aspirations but no one in his corner to encourage him.

What Clint has done for me has been less obvious but even greater.

I have a reputation as being a bit tough and cold. The only emotions I really show are anger or mildly happy. It takes a lot for me to pick up the phone and cry to a friend or my Mum but when it comes down to Clint there is no barrier (in fact 99% of the time he thinks I am an emotional wreck).

When we were thrown out and had nowhere to live, he was the one who fixed it and made sure everything was okay. I was unemployed, without a roof over my head with my friends or family at least an hours drive away and yet every day he made me feel special.

Clint is my biggest fan, he tells me how proud he is of me all the time and that I look beautiful every day but he still manages to tell me when I have crossed the line or when I need a little encouragement.

A prime example is when I caught a glimpse of my bum in the mirror and I thought “fuck, where has it gone?”, I used to pride myself on a bum that would (almost) rival a Kardashian’s and when I said to Clint do you think my bum has got flat. He didn’t lie – he told me straight, told me it doesn’t matter but if I want to sort it out to make myself happier then lets both him the gym. It’s been a few weeks and we’ve hit the gym hard – my bum hasn’t returned yet but Clint is there supporting me throughout the whole journey.


It’s been a few weeks and we’ve hit the gym hard – my bum hasn’t returned yet but Clint is there supporting me throughout the whole journey. He’s there for me when I have the most superficial problems and when I am going through something that is life changing.
For me, that means a lot. I lived with people for two years and was as close as flatmates could be but still wouldn’t let them see me cry (unless I was drunk) to be able to open up and trust someone has changed my life dramatically.

So if I was to have that conversation again I would say that he has done more than anyone could imagine. He has taught me that it’s okay to have weak moments and it’s okay if things don’t always go to plan because everything will work out in the end but most of all he has taught me how to love myself, something I will always be grateful for.

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  1. May 29, 2017 / 3:55 pm

    I’m so glad that you have found someone who is honest and can encourage you!

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