Confession: Hairy Mary

Confession: Hairy Mary


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BY Anonymous

I was just starting to see a guy and I wasn’t sure if things were going to get serious so I went on another date. I had no intention of sleeping with the guy I was going on a date with so I wore mismatched underwear and hadn’t shaved my legs for a few weeks. The date was really fun but I still liked the other guy more so was I adamant that I wasn’t going to sleep with him.

On my way home, I realised that I had missed the train and he offered for me to stay at his. The bus would have taken hours so I agreed to take the short walk to his. At this point,  I was still certain that no magic would be happening. However, we got back to his and one thing led to another and in the end, I paused kissing him to confess that I was actually quite hairy and was in the least sexiest underwear I owned. I figured being honest would be less embarrassing that him finding out for himself.

Much to my surprise, he assured me that while it’s nice, men aren’t really that bothered about hairy legs and underwear so we just carried on as normal.

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