Appetence: Because love is more than looks  

Appetence: Because love is more than looks  

Appetence ScreenshotBy Laura Lovejoy

Attraction is a key ingredient when it comes down to relationships, dating apps are almost based solely on choosing to talk to someone based on their looks. But how many people have you turned down just because in the seconds you were considering them you decided there was better-looking fish to fry and swiped left?

New app Appentence has taken this into consideration.

Once you match with someone, you are given 10 likes to discover one of that other persons “tastes” (this is information about that other person). As you open one taste, a part of that other person’s profile picture also appears. This happens for each time that you discover a new taste, meaning that the profile picture appears step by step with all other information AND the messages you share. For each time one person likes another person’s message, both parts will get a “like”.

Ok, so you might end up chatting to someone who isn’t ideal but, so what? We base so much on looks these days and it’s tough out there. If we spent more time getting to know someone for who they are, regardless of the fact they have glasses or might be a little chubbier that you normally go for, then surely more people would find love?

When I first started talking Clint, yes, I thought he was attractive but by no means was he my ‘type’. The amount of girls I know that would have swiped left because Clint had his bum out in one of his Tinder photos (this is not a lie, I can show you the photo if you like), or because he has a badly done tattoo on his back, is ridiculous.

What I am trying to say is looks are important and many relationships fail because of a lack of attraction but personality is something much greater. You could be missing out on some really great guys.


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