Life Before Online Dating

Life Before Online Dating


By Laura Lovejoy

My first experience of online dating was in my first year of uni. I had just broken up with my ex and to prove to my uni friends that I was over him, they suggested that I joined Tinder. I was totally not over him but I downloaded Tinder and I was like a duck to water.

I loved it and it wasn’t long before my Ex was a distant memory and after a few years of casual dating, Tinder eventually led me to meet Clint and the rest his history. I met my ex at 17 through Facebook and then spent the rest of my adult dating life meeting guys through Tinder, so I have never actually been on a date without the internet being involved someway or another and it got me thinking, what was life like before online dating?

I am so reliant on technology, I find the thought of having to use a map utterly terrifying and I frequently think of all the people trying to guess the actor’s name who played in X in Y when all they need to do is IMDB it to find out and save themselves the brain ache. The internet must have made life so much more simple.

It's not me, it's you breakfast

The same is true with online dating. You don’t even have to leave the house to land yourself a potential suitor, you can literally sit there in your PJs, eating cereal from a jug (don’t judge, I have done this before), with snot bubbling out of your nose and next thing you know, you’ve matched with Mr Right.

The options that online dating offers is also a plus. On a Friday night in your local pub, there are a probably five guys that fit the basic ‘potential date’ criteria – and that’s on a good day. With online dating the world is your oyster, do you know how many single men there are within a 5km radius to your exact location? No, but Tinder does!

Before the likes of Tinder and POF, our parents must have actually had to talk to people and risk the dreaded upfront rejection that can be so easily weeded out online, unless your pictures look nothing like you, of course!

Obviously, there is a more sinister side to online dating. The fact that we are judged so simply on our looks and the minute that one person annoys you or bores you there are over 100 others waiting to give you a cheesy chat up line doesn’t give modern day society the best name but if you think that our parents weren’t subject to the same chat up lines and judgement based on looks then you’re wrong.


Online dating isn’t just the way forward, it’s pretty much the ONLY way to go. So, while life before dating may appear to have been more romantic, with love letters, late night phone calls (on a landline) and getting to know someone face to face it was probably more like waiting down the pub on a Friday in the hope that the one guy you in your area that you fancied turned up, loads of unsuccessful dates with your mate’s brother/cousin/next door neighbour, and imagine having to wait a week to get a letter back from someone – not even knowing the whole time I’ve that have even received it. I’ll take Whatsapp read receipts any day thank you!

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