Tips for online dating 

Tips for online dating 

You may have read my post about life before online dating, which concludes that online dating is here to stay and it’s the only way forward. It also mentions how I have only ever dated online and therefore I am pretty damn good at it – you only have to look at my relationship status to see that! I may have been out of the game for a while but I picked up a few tricks on the way so I have them together below in case you need a little help.

Realistic pictures. So you might look super hot in that picture from five years ago where your hair fell down past your back and you were 2 stone lighter but having that on your profile is only going to cause a lot of disappointment. Not just from the person whom you’ve matched with but also to yourself. I didn’t ever have any full-length pictures on my profile and the worry I used to have that people would find me fat when we met used to consume me. It’s better to have half the amount of matches of people that actually like you for you than to have more that like five-years-ago-you but aren’t so keen on the latest.

Be safe. There are millions of horror stories out there about people who been on a blind date and was found three years later tied up in basement and there is always going to be that risk but stalk the hell out of the guy your meeting beforehand (on social media I mean, in real life that’s a criminal offence). Also, tell your friends where you’re going, who with and what you’re wearing  – it can make finding you a lot easier if things take a turn for the worse.

Be open-minded.  If he messages you something weird or a shit chat up line don’t run for the hills. He might have a great sense of humour but judging him on a couple of messages isn’t fair. If he is a total weirdo and asks you for sex in the first message then this doesn’t apply.

Don’t get drunk. I will rephrase that slightly to don’t get ‘too’ drunk but I have made many a guy run for the hills by not eating and then drinking and the making a fool of myself. Plus your judgement is blurred when you’re drunk and you might end up doing something that you regret.

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