A Guinness A Day…

A Guinness A Day…

BY Laura Lovejoy

Last weekend we got back from our trip to Dublin. We spent the week in a lovely apartment with my Mum and Dad in Temple Bar right in the heart of all the action (and pubs). It was great fun but how does it fair as a couple’s getaway?

Now, in my opinion, there is little else to do in Dublin apart from drink. Which is great if you’re away with your mates but as a family holiday it can get a little boring. And as a couple, a week of sitting in a pub drinking Guinness is probably not healthy for you or your relationship.

It's Not Me, It's You Dublin Guinness

Naturally, one of our first stops of the holiday was to the Guinness Factory. It wasn’t what we expected at all and you barely even saw how the Guinness was made apart from at the beginning when there is a big pit of barely. As someone who used to work in a grain lab testing wheat and barley, this wasn’t very exciting. We were very disappointed but it wouldn’t be right to visit Dublin without visiting the Guinness Factory, and you get a free pint which made it more worth it.

Naturally, Dublin has a huge drinking culture and the pubs were almost magical. Every night they had people in them singing folk songs and clapping their hands and despite the hefty drinks prices, it was bloody good fun.

It's Not Me, It's You Temple Bar

Temple Bar, is the famous bar in the centre of the city and we were really excited to go. So on Thursday we got all ready to go and started bar crawling our way there. We made it as far as the bar next door to Temple Bar but were having such a great night listening to a band play that we never actually made it.

The food was also amazing, I had bangers and mash literally every day and it was the most delicious thing I have eaten in my life. If you’re heading that way yourself then check out the Hairy Lemon restaurant, the food is insane and it doubles up as an awesome pub.

It's Not Me, It's You Dublin ClintWe also travelled to Belfast for a day and while I wasn’t that impressed, it’s where Clint’s family is from so it was nice to experience that with him. We also got to see his Grandma and Grandpa and visit the house Clint stayed in when he was younger which was heartwarming.

While we had lots of fun, I wouldn’t class it as somewhere to go on a romantic break. It’s much more of a trip to take with your girls or at least another couple and a week is far too long. But it was nice to just chill out some days and do nothing, without having to worry about putting a wash on or hovering, which I suppose is what holidays are really all about…


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