Why Alcohol Is Bad For Your Relationship

Why Alcohol Is Bad For Your Relationship

By Laura Lovejoy

Clint and I bicker about the cleaning sometimes, we sometimes fall out over him being inconsiderate or if I am being a moody bitch but we only ever have full on screaming matches when alcohol is involved. Any of my friends reading this who have witnessed said alcohol-infused arguments know that they get pretty out of hand and nine times out of ten we wake up totally clueless as to what even started it.

It's Not Me, It's You - argue

We’ve been together for nearly three years and we are only now learning how to avoid drunken arguments and how not to push the other’s buttons after a beverage or two.

While it’s nice to have a drink with your partner and have a laugh, it should be approached with caution. Drunken nights can make relationships. When Clint and I are throwing shapes on the dance floor perfectly in rhythm (or so we think), I have never loved him more. But, drunken nights can also break relationships.

Alchohol isn’t just bad for your romantic relationships either. Think about how many drunken arguments you’ve had with your friends that were over complete silliness. One of the biggest arguments I have ever had with my best friend was when she stole a giant tomato sauce bottle from the kebab shop (classy, I know) and then covered me and my white dress in it. It's Not Me, It's You Drinking.jpg

Naturally, I didn’t find it funny. So I grabbed the bottle off her and squirted it in her eye. It’s safe to say she didn’t find that funny either and that was only the beginning of what turned into quite a nasty little argument. Ridiculous right?

But in that moment you are right, and as hard as it is, you need to remember that you are intoxicated and so is the person you’re about to argue with so rather than jumping to conclusions or down their throat take a minute to think about your actions and try to avoid it. If they are gunning for an argument regardless of anything you say and do then try and remove yourself from the situation.

It's Not Me, It's You - DrunkMy biggest advice to you is that while having a drink is a perfectly normal thing to do in any relationship, whether that be with your friends or with your partner, remember that alcohol isn’t worth falling out over and most importantly know your limits.

If drunk arguments are a frequent occurrence then do something to combat it. Relationships are hard enough without adding extra strain from stupid worthless arguments about misplacing your coat or wanting to go home. Plus, hangovers are bad enough without having to spend them apologising or carrying on the dispute from the night before – even if you can’t remember what started it!


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