Tips on Spotting a Catfish

Tips on Spotting a Catfish

fishing-fishing-tackleBy Laura Lovejoy

While the MTV show Catfished might have made people more aware of the strange people that hide behind keyboards and pretend to be someone else, this has been going for years and with online dating seeming to be the only way to go, it dosn’t look like it will get any better.

It’s not just about worrying if the person you’ve been talking to looks like the 6ft2 dark haired hunk in his pictures, there is also a very sinister side to meeting people online. What if he is a real weirdo or worse, a serial killer with a fetish for latex? You just can’t be too sure so I have put together some tips to consider if you’re looking for love online.

fashion-legs-notebook-working.jpgStalk the fuck out of them. This doesn’t mean sit outside of their house. I think that would probably make you the catfish and not the catfished, but look at their social media, really check them out and ensure they are who they say they are and if they aren’t then all you have to do is click block.

Don’t get in too deep. How people fall in love with people they have never met is beyond me, but it happens. Just take everything with a pinch of salt, people lie on the internet to the people they know, so there’s even more of a chance of someone deceiving you when you know nothing about them.

Take things slow. Furthering on from my point above, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been speaking for 10 months, if you haven’t met them you can’t love them or realistically be in a serious relationship. Don’t class your self as taken and miss out real life experiences for someone who may not even exist.

Tell people. Talk to your friends about the person you’ve met and if they start to get concerned then listen to them. That’s not to say you should stop talking to someone because your friends are worried but they can really help if you get blindsided. Also, always tell someone when and where you’re going to meet someone off the internet. Safety first!

Don’t give up too much. Whatever you do, don’t give out your address to the, or too many details about your life. No one wants a stalker and if things do go south, it’s can’t be fixed with a click of a button, it will more than likely end up in a restraining order.

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