Why Sex Robots Are a Good Idea

Why Sex Robots Are a Good Idea

It's Not Me, It's You Sex RobotBY Laura Lovejoy

I spend most of my days reading about the latest tech and I am a firm believer that robots will take over the world. Not in an end-of-the-world-robots-are-scary way but in a this-could-be-fucking-useful-and-change-our-lives-for-the-better way, whether that be robots who dive us from A to B or sex robots who, well, you get the idea.

I was always a bit grossed out by sex robots, they sound very clunky, and I have mostly sided with the point that they objectify women but then I read an interesting article on why sex robots are a good idea and it got me thinking.

robonaut-machines-dexterous-humanoid-39644.jpegIt’s not just about female sex robots. In a way, women have been using sex robots for years. Granted they don’t have a face or a body but they have the same intention. Sex robots can actually empower women in the bedroom. It’s no secret that sex isn’t quite as simple for women as it is for men so sex robots, in many cases will mean better sex lives and do you know the benefits sex means?

Better skin, bigger smiles, less stress, pain relief and there has even been research that claims that it can make you look younger.

Yes, there is an argument that people aren’t going to want to do it with real people anymore, especially considering a robot is probably easier to programme than a partner and that comes with many challenges but I have faith that emotional relationships with real people will prevail.

While there can be a more sinister side to sex robots, it is also believed that they can contribute to preventing rape. Ok, it’s not going to put an end to rape forever but even if a sex robot stopped one person from getting raped then I am all for it. I’m not justifying it, but many people who go on to rape have mental health issues and if an object can stop them from harming another being then so be it.

Whether you’re excited by it or shit scared of it, it’s not even a case of it’s going to happen, it already is happening, so instead of fighting it or being afraid we need to be open minded to chess playing robots, to robots that can cook and yes, to sex robots. Although with most selling at around $6000 (£4662.60) at the moment, I think your boyfriend will be safe for a while yet.


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