What To Ask On a First Date

What To Ask On a First Date

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BY Laura Lovejoy

The meaning of blind date has kinda changed. When our parents were growing up it usually meant that your best mate set you up with Dave from work and you went to the local pub to meet him with only a description of what he looked like and a few notes on what he’s like. Now, you can spend anything from a week to a year chatting to a guy before you meet finally him. So, when it comes to meeting face to face you already know the basics which can make it difficult to know what else to ask.

Once you’ve got your hair and nails did, picked an outfit and done your makeup it leaves little time for you to think of conversation topics so, I have put together some questions that are sure to rescue you from any awkward silences.


Who has been the biggest influence in your life? This is a great question for figuring out what kind of person they are and for digging a little more into their background. If they say, Hugh Heffner, then it’s probably time to get the bill but he might pick someone super interesting, or even a family member, offering conversation topic for at least half an hour.

What were you like as a kid? It can be awkward to ask someone about their family on a first date but finding out what they were like as a kid opens up the door to them letting their guard down, without you looking like a nosy bitch. All they have to say is that they used to play up for their Dad on weekends and bam, you know their parents aren’t together.

What do you hate most about dating? Not just a conversation starter but also a way to find out what he hates most on dates and you’ll be able to avoid it like the plague. It’s a win win! Plus you can laugh about his most terrible dates and remind him how amazing you are.

What’s your biggest goal in life? This is where you can see if you’re on the same page while also getting a glimpse of the kind of person they want to be. If they say they want to go to Syria to help refugee children but you see your future sitting in a Beverley Hills mansion counting your cash, then he’s probably not the one for you.

What is something you’re really bad at? This should hopefully pave the way to a funny story and if it doesn’t, he has no sense of humor so get out quick. Jokes.

Despite some people (like myself) enjoying talking about themselves too much, conversations are meant to be a two-way thing, so think about what your own answers would be so you can blow them away with your answers.



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