Surviving a holiday with your boyfriend: 5 top tips

surviving a holiday with your boyfriend

It’s rare for you to spend as much time with your partner as what you do on holiday. As dull as it sounds, most people (including myself) spend more time with people they work with than their partners. Hence why I’ve put together 5 tips for surviving a holiday with your boyfriend based on my first-hand experience. I just wish I had considered these tips myself before our first holiday and didn’t have to figure these out the hard way.

Make friends with other couples. A week is a long time to spend just the two of you and two weeks is even harder. Clint and I are the best of friends and love spending time together but even for us, it’s a little much. By making friends with other couples or families you can at least interact with people other than shop/restaurant staff and it also gives you something to gossip about later.

surviving a holiday with your boyfriend

Spend time apart. Everyone needs a break. Take some time out and sit by the pool while your boyfriend has a lay in. Or if they want to work all day (like Clint does) leave them in the room and hit the beach. It’s not healthy for two people to be stuck to each other’s sides 24/7 – even when on holiday!

Take drugs with you. Not the illegal ones! I don’t know about you but I always get ill on holls. It’s either a cold, or allergies or bad blisters and Clint normally gets a bad belly.  I wouldn’t quite call it ‘Dehli Belly’ as I’m not sure Irish food that different to what Clint eats in the UK but he still managed to get an upset stomach in Dublin. By taking some Imodium or even just ibuprofen with you, it can stop you biting each other’s heads off because one of you is feeling under the weather or can’t go five minutes without needing the loo.

surviving a holiday with your boyfriend Don’t drink every night. Hangovers are never fun, especially when you’re in a different country where there is loads to explore but all you want to do is sleep and/or throw up. Plus alcohol opens the door for arguments and arguing on holiday isn’t fun. Getting too drunk can also lead to being kicked out of your hotel and being stranded in a foreign country and that’s not fun – I’ll save that story for another time when the wound isn’t still raw!

Compromise. I like to go on boat trips, so in Barcelona, we hired a sailing boat and it took about 30 minutes before Clint was throwing up off the side while I was sat right at the front basking in the sun. When it came to Turkey, I wanted to go on a boat and Clint was willing to give it another go but with me being such a nice girlfriend I said no, let’s find something we both will enjoy. Moral of the story, it’s both of your holidays so you have to consider each other’s wants, feelings… and stomachs!

surviving a holiday with your boyfriend

What tips would you give for surviving a holiday with your boyfriend?

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