Meeting the Mother of My Boyfriend’s Child


Disclaimer: This is not them. It’s hard to find images to go along with a post like this….

By Laura Lovejoy


You may have read my previous post on how my boyfriend has started has started to see his son again, I finished that post on the point that I wasn’t sure whether I was ready to meet my boyfriend’s ex and their child and it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made in a long time.

Naturally, I was nervous to meet his son, I was worried about everything from will he like me to whether he would turn Clint against me but most of all, I was nervous about meeting the mother. Exes are complicated. No one wants to have their partners ex in their lives but when a child is involved it’s unavoidable and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to have to deal with that.

However, Clint had invited her and his son to a family BBQ and it took me up until about 30 seconds before he was due to leave for me to decide to go. She obviously knew his family and as selfish as it sounds, I wasn’t up for her playing happy families with my in laws and I wanted to show support for Clint.  It was something I wasn’t sure I was ready for but I figured it would be better to just get over and done with.

We pulled up and she was waiting outside with Clint’s son and her other son and at that point, I went into pilot mode. All feelings and emotions were out of the window and I was just like a robot. She was nice, really nice, I wanted to dislike her but it was difficult to.

She welcomed me with open arms and we talked for hours. It was clear I didn’t have to worry about them two rekindling any romance so it went a lot better than I expected. She said Clint and her were toxic together and it’s taken this long for her to even be able to civil towards him. She even said that she was glad Clint had found a nice girl to settle him down. I mean, that’s totally true, but it’s just not what I was expecting her to say.

I was expecting awkwardness, little comments about Clint, either how much of a bad person he is or comments about things they used to do together but there was none of it.

I actually really respected her for understanding that a kid needs and mum and dad in their lives and not being weird about me being there, it genuinely feels like she understands I am a part of Clint’s life and I will, therefore, be a part of her son’s life. And I want to do a good job of being in his life as well.

It was hard seeing him and his son together, it’s weird to spend three years of your life with someone and then to suddenly have someone run around and call him Dad but it was also nice to watch. It’s not an ideal situation by any means, it’s not what I had planned for my life but it makes Clint happy and I don’t know what will happen yet but I’m willing to make the effort.

I always envisioned myself as the princess who gets the fairytale ending, not the evil step mum but we will see how this one pans out…

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