A Little Less Matching, A little More Dating Please!

A Little Less Matching, A little More Dating Please!

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By Laura Lovejoy

As dry as this might sound, I get excited about algorithms. Not as excited as I would get about a new Urban Decay eyeshadow pallet or a trip to Disneyland but I work in tech, so I get how it all works and the difference a simple algorithm can make to someone’s life. Technology has disrupted most aspects of our lives, especially dating. So when I heard about pear, a brand new dating app which uses a Nobel-prize winning algorithm to match you with people you actually like, I got excited for you all of you single people.

Let’s face it, it might make you feel good to have 700 matches but when you weed out the weirdos, those who are just after sex, those who look nothing like their pictures and those that have the personality of a brick wall,  how many does that actually leave you with?

Pear is designed to get rid of the long questionnaires, dozens of unanswered messages and the hundreds of matches by giving you the option between two profiles to decide which one you like best. The algorithm then uses these rankings to match users with people that also rank them highly. The app claims that the ‘pears’ it makes are mathematically perfect. It’s all about quality over quantity.

First, it was the likes of Match.com and Plenty Of Fish who revolutionised online dating, then came Tinder who made it even easier, but in a world where you can have hundreds of potential dates at the click of a button, it makes it almost impossible to chose ‘The One’. Is pear the answer? Well, I’m not one to argue with science and maths – Or a Nobel-Prize for that matter!

Fancy trying the app out for yourself? Links to download are below – do let me know how you get on with it.

Apple – Download here

Andriod – Download here

Oh, and when I said it’s a new app, I mean brand spanking new.  So if you want to jump on the next dating trend before your mates, I would strongly recommend downloading it!


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