5 Things You Should Know About Men, From a Man

5 Things You Should Know About Men, From a Man


By Laura Lovejoy

First things first, you will notice that this is a blog post on what you should know about men, from a man and I am most certainly not a man. This is because the men in my life struggle to string sentences together so I have done my research and while this isn’t exactly quoted directly, all of the below came from straight from the horse’s mouth. This might not be true for every man on the planet, but when it comes down to the men I know – this hits the nail firmly on the head.

Give them space after a fight. Women like to talk and, if you’re anything like me, you like to talk about as much and as soon as possible. Men tend to not work that way. In fact, they like to not talk at all or at least not right away. And that’s not a bad thing. The number of times a simple argument gets escalated in our house because I want to talk and Clint wants to calm down is ridiculous. Give them their space after a fight, let them calm down and the talking will be far more effective.

Give them space even when you haven’t had a fight. Men like to feel like men. That includes going down the pub and being with other men. Let them go. This is easier said than done when you’ve given them their space before and they have abused your trust but you have to try, it’s far better for your relationship than him feeling trapped by your side all the time.

They like things about you that you’re not even aware of. Us girls spend so much time and money getting things waxed, cut and dyed and while that’s great and it’s nice to take yourself whether you’re in a relationship or not, men like lots of little things you’re not even aware of. Like how cute you look when you wear certain pj’s or how you snore really quietly when your sleeping.

They like compliments too. It’s easy for women to get used to being the ones who receive all the compliments and forget to compliment your boyfriend every now again. I will hold my hands up to not being great at dishing out the compliments but a simple ‘you look nice today’ or ‘I like your hair like that’ goes a long way in boosting someone self-esteem and at the end of the day it’s just a bloody nice thing to do.

Men aren’t good at emotions. This is a no-brainer, right? I feel like most women have experience of men that aren’t great at showing emotions and when they do they come out in the most bizarre ways.  Just because your boyfriend doesn’t sit there and cry it doesn’t mean they don’t care as much as you, you just have to accept their way of dealing with things. It’s ok for someone to express emotions in different ways but it’s important they are expressed in a healthy way! Less pub and more gym for example.

Any other men out there got more advice on what women should know about men? Comment below!



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