Silverstone Track Experience Day

Silverstone Track Experience Day

What many people don’t know about me is that under all the pink and the sparkle is a die-hard Formula One fan. It all started from when I was a tot and used to sit in my mother’s laundry basket in front of the telly pretending I was one of the drivers and if I had my time all over again (and had super rich parents) then I would probably be a racing car driver.

For my birthday, my boyfriend got me one of the best presents ever. An experience day in a single seater at Silverstone race track. I kinda guessed what it was before he told me because I have this 6th sense when it comes down to what gifts he has brought me. It’s a genuine talent but he thinks I just check his email because I know his password.

It's Not Me, It's You Helmets

Despite having to get up at 5am to drive over an hour to Silverstone, it was a fantastic experience. One I would recommend to anyone who likes F1 or anything to do with cars at all. At first, I was giddy because I was at Silverstone and I had only ever seen it on telly but when we were led to the briefing room, the nerves kicked in. Now, I am a good driver but when I get stuck I freak out and I wanted to be good at this so bad.

We had a 15-minute briefing before being led down to the track. We were given proper race balaclavas, overalls and our helmets. The nerves got even worse when my helmet was so tight I could feel my pulse, which isn’t normal, I just have a big head. So with a larger helmet and full overalls, I was led out to my car.

It's Not Me, It's You Silverstone

There was about 12 of us in total. Everyone apart from me started the car first time, it took me about 10 times to get moving. I was ready to give up and I was so annoyed at myself thinking that all the guys and marshalls were probably thinking ‘typical female’, I wanted to prove them wrong so bad.

Once we were all moving, we had to sit behind a pace car. My boyfriend, Clint, was in front of me and I was so ready to overtake him once the pace car went in. In the end, I didn’t have to overtake him as he spun off into the grass. I can’t deny that I felt like Hamilton must do when he sees Vettel’s car in a wall.

The experience was strange, you are so close to the ground and visibility is minimal, it was also raining quite heavily as you would expect in December in the UK but it didn’t stop me from overtaking, I was going for it. In my head, I had an imaginary race engineer talking me through the corners and next thing you know I was passing car after car.

It's Not Me, It's You Laura driving

Yes, this is me!

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t a race as such but you were allowed to overtake if you wanted. To me, it was a race and the chequered flag along with the world championship was mine. In real life, we did a few laps and then it was back into the pits. It wasn’t as long of an experience as I would have liked but it was amazing, although the adrenaline afterwards made doing 30mph on the way home extremely difficult.

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