Book review: Survive & Thrive

Book review: Survive & Thrive


I was approached to do a review of a book called Survive & Thrive: Dating and Being Single by Jenifer Boon. I’m was a little nervous at first about having to read a book, not because I can’t read but because I haven’t actually finished a book for pleasure since I was a teenager. I have started to read many books but I normally get 75% of the way through and no matter how engrossed I am, or how helpful the book is, I just lose interest.

This is a testament as to why I need a self-help book. I am sure that lots of therapists would see my not being able to finish a book issue as a sign of something a lot deeper.

Anyway, the book is about learning to survive and thrive when you’re single but don’t be fooled, a lot of what is mentioned in the book can help anyone. No matter whether your super single and sad about it, or if you have five relationships on the go. As someone who has been in a relationship for a good few years, I thought I would be reading from a figurative POV but I also happened to learn a lot about myself.

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The book encourages you to write things down like what does your dream relationship look like? Or, how does your inner-voice sound to you? It’s easy to answer the questions in your head, but it’s not until you write them down that you really start to think. My inner voice criticises me all the time and I already knew that but actually writing it down made me start to question whether it was healthy and what I could do to put it right.

Sometimes the book is a little confusing and hard to follow but overall, it’s a great read and a real eye-opener in how you view yourself and how that can impact the relationships around you. That’s not to say if you learn to love yourself you will 100% find ‘The One’ but if you learn to love yourself, you won’t need to find ‘The One’ so desperately. And if you constantly think something isn’t going to work and look for the negativity, then all you will ever find it negatively.

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If you’re single and going through a tough time trying to figure out why he didn’t call you back or why you continue to date someone that you know just isn’t that into you, then I am confident this book will help you through it. In fact, I am so confident I have passed the book onto a friend.

If you would like to win a copy of the book for yourself then give this Facebook page a like and share the post!

Oh and, most importantly, I finished the book!



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