Sometimes I Feel Like I Am In Barcelona

Sometimes I Feel Like I Am In Barcelona

I’ve been waiting to write this post for while but rather than putting something together over Summer when everyone is still buzzing from their holidays, I thought I would wait until January when it’s dark and cold and everyone is looking for inspo for their next break. Back in August, Clint and I went on a trip to Barcelona with a couple of friends and my god did we have a nice time. It’s kinda difficult not to when there is sun, sea and sangria everywhere you look.

One of my favourite things to do on holiday is to just explore, to wander around for hours stopping here and there for an ice cream or spot of lunch. I find it one of the best ways to find hidden gems and Barcelona was no exception. We checked out the usual tourist hotspots, although we didn’t get to go inside the Sagrada Famila because we didn’t pre-book our tickets and they were sold out on the day. The outside is amazing but I am told the inside is even better, however it was walking down the little streets that Barcelona really came to light.

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The Gothic Quarter, for instance, is full of winding streets with cute little shops and restaurants on every corner and in the night it comes alive, full with tourists and locals looking for somewhere to cool down and get some drinks. One of the friends we were with is Spanish and she explained to us that it will be super chill because no one in Spain dresses up. She was wrong and we all looked a bit silly in our beachwear so make sure you dress up a little before going out. I’m not saying heels but a little more than flip-flops and a messy bun.

It's Not Me, It's You - Barcelona eating

Anyone that has been to Barcelona will tell you that the food is amazing and naturally we ate a lot of tapas. The trouble we found with a lot of restaurants is that they are really small and super busy in the height of Summer. For example, one only offered tables for two and no bigger, which they told us after queuing for 30 minutes. Apart from eating all the croquettes and Chorizo Barcelona had to offer, we also went to Salt at the W Hotel and the scene (and the burgers) were amazing. Plus the nice long walk across the beach afterwards was exactly what was needed after one too many sangrias.

Beachwise, there is a very touristy beach but as you walk past the marina there is a lovely beach which seems to be populated by locals more than anything. It was also the first time I sunbathed topless, it was actually rather liberating. Plus everyone I was with has seen them before and anyone else on the beach was far more engrossed in the boob jobs and more naturally gifted racks, my poor little pancakes barely got a look-in.

It's Not Me, It's You - Barcelona mountain

The best bit of our trip by far was hiring a boat through Airbnb. It was around €270 for a good few hours and we were taken out to sea, given food and drinks and basked in the sunshine. Well, my friend Jordan and I did, my Spanish friend Angela and Clint spent the whole time throwing their guts up hanging off the side of the boat. Honestly, if syncronised sicking was an Olympic sport, they would be taking home the gold!

It's Not Me, It's You - Barcelona marina

It’s a little hard to adjust to the fact that in Spain they go out really late, like, we were in a bar having pre-drinks at 2:30am but the club we went to (Razzmatazz) insane and you got a free drink with entry, what a result?! Overall, it was the perfect little trip. It was great to go with friends but it was also great to experience as a couple and I would recommend it to anyone and it was made better even better by the beautiful weather.




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