Moving Away From Home

Moving Away From Home

If I would have stayed at home in Great Yarmouth, I would probably be working in retail or as an admin assistant in an office. It’s likely that I would still live with my parents and I would bump into the same people that I went to nursey with every single day. There is nothing wrong with that, I actually think that it sounds quite comforting but personally I’ve always wanted more from life.

From a young age, I wanted to live in the uncomfortable and not just talk about the things I wanted to achieve but actually go out and achieve them. One of my biggest fears in life is to look back and be disappointed or have regrets.

That’s why just over 4 years ago, I decided to go to university and get out of the shit hole which is Great Yarmouth (if you’ve ever been you will know what I mean). University wasn’t the first option for me, my reasons for going was that it would the easiest and cheapest way for me to move London. I knew that once I left, I wasn’t ever going back.


The initial move was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. It was harder for my family to drive me all the way down to London, help me unpack and then leave me in a place where I’d never been before and didn’t know a single soul. I was sad to see them go but I was also excited as to what this new adventure would bring.

One of the best things about moving away is meeting new people. It’s safe to say that I was a bit of a drama queen when I was younger and there was always some girl I had beef with or I would be caught up in some weird love triangle but moving away from home allowed me to reinvent myself and be the person that I wanted to be.


When you’re from a small town everyone knows your business and something you did in year 9 follows you far into your adult life but the people that I met after moving away knew me for the person I am today, not for being the 15-year old with a fascination with older guys and certain attraction to anything that would land me in drama.

Most people move away to find new opportunities and London has certainly done that for me. I would have never experienced the things I have had I not left home and that’s why I would never regret my decision.

However, the downside to moving away is that you also miss out on lots, from birthday parties and family outings to being there for the people you love. It’s hard not being at home when you feel like your family needs you.


IMG_0105Yet, when you do go home you appreciate it far more than you ever have. I barely used to pay any attention to the beach or to the fields but now when I go back I genuinely notice their beauty. Living in London, you forget what green and nature looks like.

4 years on and I still call Great Yarmouth home. It’s still a shit hole but it’s my shit hole.  It’s the simple things like the roads or the local Tesco, it’s the familiarity which I never experience living away. It’s the comfort of knowing that my friends and family are just a 10-minute drive away.

If you’re debating on whether to move away from home, know that it is hard, especially if you don’t know anyone but, like with me, it could also be the best thing you’ve ever done in your life. It’s worth giving it a go because even if it all goes tits up, you’ll still have Home.



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  1. March 18, 2018 / 6:03 pm

    Ahhh Laura this is just lovely!!

    I completely agree it could be the best thing anyone could ever do, I am so glad you have liked your move to London, It is a scary place and sometimes the people aren’t that nice but once you’re in it you just get it!

    Here’s to more experiences and more opportunities

    Much love – Becky x x x

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