What To Do When You Can’t See Eye To Eye

In every relationship, whether that be with friends, family or partners there comes a point that you don’t see eye to eye. This could be because of different spending habits or even something as silly as what was the name of the actor that starred in that film you watched the other day and it can cause argument after argument.

As someone who has been there on many occasions, I’m somewhat opinionated and struggle to hold my tongue, I have put together 5 tips on what to do when you can’t see eye to eye with your significant other:

Try to understand the situation from their point of view. Unless you grew up in the same household, which I highly doubt, it’s likely that you had very different upbringings and with that comes different views and expectations of the world. Showing that you are trying to understand the other person’s perspective and where that came from rather than just out and out telling them their wrong can help in diffusing the situation.

Give them space. I am soooo bad at this. If we argue I want to sort it out there and then but take it from someone that knows only too well, this is not the best solution and will quite often end in tears (mostly yours). Giving someone space to think about the disagreement, especially if they point blank ask for it is always advised…

Google it. If it’s something trivial like who owns Vodaphone, (yes, Clint and I had an argument about this the other day – I lost), then just Google it and move on. We live in a world where we don’t have to wonder anymore, the proof is only a tap away.

Admit when you’re wrong. This is something I have got pretty good at. If you were in the wrong, no matter how right you might have felt at the time just admit it and say sorry. It’s the easiest way to squash a disagreement.

Move on. Not to another relationship, unless you don’t see eye to eye on anything at all. But unless it’s a huge issue that is going to impact your relationship, like having children or getting married, then it’s better to just move on and both agree to forget about it rather than trying to figure out who is right.


    1. Laura Lovejoy

      It’s so difficult because we are just wired to see everything from our own perspective. It’s a skill I’ve worked on but still got a long way to go! Glad you liked the idea of the post x

      Liked by 1 person

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