My Favorite Things To Do When The Sun Is Shining

My Favorite Things To Do When The Sun Is Shining

This weather has got me feeling giddy, it’s been a long winter right? So, I thought I was divert from my blog schedule (I am planner so it takes a lot for me to confidently change the plan) and instead of writing about the pressure of being a man today, I am going to write about my favorite things to do when the sun in shining.

Walk round London. Most people try to avoid London in the sun because it’s fucking hot and busy and a bit suffocating, but I get proper holiday vibes when the sun is beaming and you can smell tar melting slightly.  Wondering round the streets and stopping off for a quick ice cream or glass of wine (or five) is just total perfection. Especially after a hard day at work!


Hit up a park. Kind of a no brainier when the sun is out, especially if you want a tan. I used to live by the beach but now I make up for that with a nice park. I’m lucky to have Danson Park just behind my house and it’s beautiful in the sun. A good book and some headphones if I’m on my own, or some strawberries and a bottle of wine if I have company (there is a running theme here).

Clean the house. This one is slightly less conventional but I love opening the windows on a sunny day and giving the house a good clean. I am not naturally domesticated so the stars really have to align for me to feel positive about cleaning but a sunny day certainly helps!


A rooftop bar. Something else to do after work. I recently came across the rooftop bar on top of the Court House Hotel just off Oxford Street, it’s small but it’s in the perfect place to unwind and get of the busy streets of London.

Family BBQ. My favorite thing to do in the sun has to be going back home to a family BBQ. It’s something my family has done since before I was born and I love it. Playing water fights with my nephews, making cocktails and of course, eating ALL the food!

What do you like to get up to in the sunshine? Keep it clean! Haha.

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