Date ideas in London

I’m always stuck for fun things to do on date day/night and all the lists I come across online always regurgitate the same places. So whether you’ve been together for four years and are running out of ideas or if you’re looking to impress a first date, I’ve put together a list of cool date ideas for London.

Adventure Bar. As far as cool cocktails go, Adventure Bar Covent Garden is the place to be. It’s set underground so has a cool vibe and the drinks are amazing. I’m personally a sucker for a Porn Star Martini (FYI – you’re meant to sip the prosecco, not shot it!). It gets quite busy so well worth booking a table, you might have to put down a deposit but it’s redeemable! Plus, you can get some great deals from Groupon if you’re looking for a bargain.

The Tombs. Clint took me here on our first date, after I explicitly told him that I hated scary movies and it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. In fact, I nearly fainted. It’s been voted as the UK’s scariest attraction and with people running around chasing you, having to squeeze through small gaps and clowns, it plays to at least one of everyone’s fears. I personally found it super scary but it was a good date idea. I spent the whole time in Clint’s arms while shaking so it was worth it in his eyes.

It's Not Me, It's You Date idea london 2

Canal boat ride. I always forget that London has canals but on a sunny day it’s far better to travel by canal than by tube, plus it’s very romantic. Little Venice can leaving you feeling like you’re not in London at all. It’s not quite Venice but it’s certainly a change of scenery.

Victoria Park. London isn’t short of beautiful parks but Victoria Park is just delightful, plus there is a really good ice cream van there. It’s like I have a weird radar for good ice cream, I always manage to hunt some down. The Chinese pagoda also makes for excellent Instagram photos (see above) but, ultimately, it’s the perfect spot for a cute little picnic – weather permitting of course!

It's Not Me, It's You Date idea london 1

The Clink Museum. It’s one of London’s few paid-for museums but ticket cost are fairly cheap and it’s well worth a visit. It takes you through the history of the prisons in London but it’s educational without cheap scares. It really puts it into perspective what London used to be like in the past, on the very street where you stand. Certainly one for couples into local history.

What’s your fave date spot in London?


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