Could you be in an open relationship?

Open relationship

Everywhere I turn there seems to be something or someone talking about an open relationship. Cosmopolitan has a series on it, Louis Theroux has done a documentary and the people in my circle are talking it about it. It’s like we have a weird fascination with the topic. It’s not really something you sit on the fence about either, people seem to be either totally into it or the thought of it makes them sick – there’s very little in-between.

As someone in a long-term relationship, if my boyfriend said to me we should sleep with other people but remain together, he would be looking for somewhere else to live. I would love to know how people even bring the conversation up, “Hi babe, I love you but I just think we might be happier if we also slept with other people”. Is it not just a more polite way to cheat?

I may be wrong but from what I have seen, it always appears that one person is more into it than the other. It makes me think that one person just puts up with it because they are too in love with the other person. It’s like when people are in denial over their partners cheating. I’m not convinced that both two people are up for it equally.

Open relationship

Maybe my view is a bit old fashioned, but I just don’t believe you can be in a happy and serious long-term relationship knowing that one of you, or even both of you, are sleeping with someone else. If you’re just fooling around then why not get your fill of other people but to me, a relationship means that it’s just two people, loving only each other until the end of time (or until one suggests that you have an open relationship).

If you want to bonk other people, then go be single. You can’t have your cake and eat it!

I would love to know your thoughts and whether you would ever consider being in an open relationship so please comment.

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  1. March 22, 2019 / 10:21 am

    I agree. I’m not a jealous person but I’d always be scared the other person in question was the preferred choice and I was just the safety net.

    I think someone’s confidence is always getting a hit in these situations.

    I watched the Louis theroux documentary and in every scenario, someone was suffering a little. Its quite selfish in my opinion.

    I’m very open for others to do that but it’s not for me, it never will be!

    Great post,

    Jess (coffee and corfu) xx

    • itsnotmeitsyou12
      March 26, 2019 / 11:35 am

      Thanks, lovely! I agree, it’s up to other people if they want to do it but it’s certainly not one for me haha! x

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