ellaOne pill - It's Not Me, It's You! Morning after pill

Ending the stigma around the morning after pill

When I found out that the morning after pill was being made more accessible, to the point that you can have it delivered to your door, I was over the moon. Not because I use it on a regular basis but because I remember being a panicked teenager trying to get to a sexual health clinic on a weekend and not knowing what to do. Getting a normal doctors appointment is hard enough let alone a walk-in clinic on a Saturday morning.

Eventually, I ended up at a pharmacist where I was traumatised by a million and one questions but was eventually given the pill. I understand there have to be layers of protection in place but unfortunately, shit happens. Sometimes contraception fails, sometimes we make stupid mistakes – sometimes we do both.

More recently, I had a different experience. You may have read my post about coming off the pill and I know it’s irresponsible, but I haven’t decided what contraception to go on next. I’m enjoying not having a foreign body inside me whether that’s hormones or even the coil, I just want to let my body be.

But, after a drunken night, we weren’t sure if we were as safe as we should have been. As a precaution, I ordered ellaOne. Even though I am in a committed relationship and I am an adult, my first experience of getting the morning after pill put me off going to the doctors or a pharmacy. I was, however, able to order ellaOne from my bed the following morning. It arrived the next day, I took it and all was fine. The experience was seamless.

ellaOne pill - It's Not Me, It's You! Morning after pill

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve used the morning after pill but so many women are and that needs to stop. The whole experience of contraception is hard enough on women anyway, we are expected to always be sensible but it doesn’t work out that way. Pills are sometimes missed, condoms break and one night stands happen – we shouldn’t feel punished for that. Making emergency contraception more accessible is certainly a step in the right direction.

It’s something that I feel strongly about so when I received an email from ellaOne asking me to promote their #MyMorningAfter campaign on Twitter, I wanted to do more and share my own story. ellaOne is working with women to face up to the time-old issues around the morning after pill – a lack of education, the threat of judgement and the fear of being labelled promiscuous – by providing a platform to cherish the stories of real women, their expectations and their fears.

ellaOne and the #MyMorningAfter campaign is hoping to empower more people to come forward and share their stories. To help them do this they have created a submissions page, where people can send in their MyMorningAfter stories, by name or anonymously. To read more MyMorningAfter Stories or to submit your own story, visit:


I have been in contact with ellaOne who provided me with more information on the campaign but this is not a sponsored post. It’s something that I feel passionate about and I was in no way compensated. 


  1. rioribaya

    Great post, I believe in contraception and I have been advising my friends here in the very conservative country of Malaysia to take it so it will save them the monthly dilemma of oh-shit-my-period-is-delayed-am-i-pregnant every month.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of delivery service here, but am glad to report that there are free contraception that women here can get in public health clinic on certain days of the week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Geraldine

    Ooh this is a really interesting article Laura! My friends used a different brand but it’s basically the morning after pill. I guess I’m very sheltered or I don’t know but I didn’t realize there was a lot of women who are ashamed and are looked down on if they used it. I think it’s important to be responsible but things can happen regardless and sometimes it’s just inevitable! It’s good that there’s such a thing as the morning after pill to provide a safety blanket for women. Thank you for sharing! 🤗

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

    Liked by 1 person

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