My Valentine’s Wish List 2019

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I actually can’t believe that it’s February. We are already one month into 2019 and yes, that means Valentines Day is fast approaching and my Valentine’s wish list is getting bigger.

The cynical see the 14th February as a day to celebrate consumerism and to make money and that may be true but there are a million reasons why you should celebrate it. I’ll jump on any special day, pancake day feels like it could be someone’s birthday in my house and I get more excited about Halloween than a child. Life is so mundane – why not make something out of the small stuff?

That said, Valentine’s Day is obviously about spending time with your special human but at the risk of sounding terribly materialistic, getting presents is also nice. If you’re stuck for ideas and want to point your significant other in the right direction, I’m sharing my Valentine’s wish list with you.

Buy it from Feel Unique here (Source of the image)

Filorga Sleep and Peel Night CreamThis stuff is what dreams are made of. I got a sample from Feel Unique and My skin was noticeably smoother and it glowed. It glowed like I was a Greek Goddess with the sun beaming on my face while I sat on a platinum throne. Ok, not quite that much but before the sample ran out (sad face) people would actively comment on how amazing my skin looked. Despite Clint not understanding why you need a day and night cream, his answer is ‘The cream can’t possibly tell if it’s day or night’, this has been topping my wish list for a long time.

24K Gold Facial. Staying on the theme of skincare. I recently had a 24K gold facial at Cucumba in Soho and my goodness was it amazing. My skin felt amazing and the massage was just out of this world. I have paid for a specific shoulder massage before but what this lady did to me didn’t come close to anything I’ve had before. I feel like this is the kind of thing you really have to keep up to have long-lasting results and they are quite pricey at XX, so deffo something I would love to have as a gift. Brazilian Bum Bum CreamThis has been on my list for ages. I suffer from eczema so I’m always reluctant to try something new but I’ve heard such fantastic reviews that I’m thinking “fuck it, just buy the damn the cream”. It’s one of those things I would feel guilty about buying for myself because it’s fairly expensive for a body cream but would make me over the moon if I got it as a present.

Underwear. I mean, it’s a little cliche I guess. But, I do need new underwear and let’s face it, it’s everywhere during Valentines. I’m a sucker for matching sets, I never used to leave the house without them on but It’s been soooo long since I’ve bought any that I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. New Look always has the best sets and I find they fit me perfectly. Plus they are reasonably priced. Might be something I’m better off buying myself though.





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