Tips for dealing with mice in your home

Dealing with mice in home

I’m not embarrassed to admit that we’ve previously had mice. I’m also not afraid to say that it freaked me out. I was obsessed, I struggled to sleep and I wasn’t content until every last trace had left our flat. It wasn’t our fault we got them, we had some new neighbours move in above us and from what we could tell, they were somewhat less clean that we were.

The trouble with mice is that they are clever little creatures and can literally get in anywhere. They are like that annoying creepy man in the club that just keeps popping up from nowhere even though you’ve tried to run away from him ten times. And also like the creepy man in the club, having unwanted pests in your home can also wreak havoc on your relationship.

I was so stressed about having mice in my home that it was hard to talk to me about anything else, the sleepless nights where I would wake Clint up the minute I heard the slightest noise also took their toll. It left us feeling uncomfortable in our own homes and at each other’s throats. If you’re having the same issues and are looking at dealing with mice if your first home then read on for my tips on getting rid of mice.

Peppermint. Putting peppermint oil on cotton buds and placing it around your house is meant to put mice off entering a room but there’s a good chance it will put you off wanting to go in your house as well. When I did this it made my house smell like an Airways chewing gum factory, it was so intense that visitors would often comment on why my house stunk of mint. But, more importantly, my minty fresh house also did nothing to deter the mice.

Wire wool. The people who moved into our flat after us will be all too familiar with my wire wool obsession. The problem with mice is that they can get in holes that are the width of a pencil and even if those holes don’t exist if they really want to get in somewhere, they will. The way to block up these holes is with wire wool as mice struggle to chew through it. The problem was, that it genuinely looked like I had pulled all the tangled hair out of my hairbrush and then shoved it in around my whole house. It didn’t look pretty but it did mean mice had a more difficult job breaking in.

Traps/poison. You can get humane traps but from what I’ve heard, unless you’re eliminating them from your home then there is a high chance they will keep getting back in. It did make me feel sad to kill the creatures but I also REALLY wanted them out of my home. They can cause illnesses and carry diseases so living alongside them just isn’t an option. The worst bit was when I found a dead one in a pile of shoes, that has to be one of the worst experiences of my life. 

Sack all this off and get a professional in. My house was full of traps and poison, it reeked of mint and when you weren’t getting little bits of wire wool stuck in your feet you’d be getting even more annoyed at what an eyesore it looked. To be honest, my house was boobytrapped like something out of Home Alone. Did it stop mice? No. Did it help? Probably a little. Despite the fact that I’d done so much research that if my PR career fails I could get a job in pest control, I was no professional.

The only effective way to deal with mice, and any pests for that matter, is to get the pros in. We used BW Pest Control who operates in South East London in areas such as Eltham, Plumstead and Bexleyheath. It was a fantastic and discreet service, one that was far more efficient than my many attempts. So moral of the story, if you’re struggling with mice – get a professional in.

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  1. May 1, 2019 / 3:32 pm

    OMG, this could not have come at a better time. We actually just had mice in our house! We originally put traps in, which did nothing, and so we decided to get a professional to come in and get rid of them. They got rid of two of them, and they said that one of them died in the walls! Since we weren’t going to destroy our walls to get it, we have to leave the dead mouse in the wall! The smell was horrific! It’s been a while now, but the smell has finally started to dissipate. I’m glad to hear you got rid of your mice x

    Melina |

    • itsnotmeitsyou12
      May 1, 2019 / 4:02 pm

      Oh my, it’s horrible, isn’t it? I’m glad you got sorted as well, it makes you feel so uncomfortable.

      • May 1, 2019 / 4:04 pm

        I know! My sister was hearing it in the walls, and it was terrible! So happy to be rid of that whole problem x

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