Tips for travelling with another couple

Travelling with another couple

Anyone that follows me on Instagram would have seen that I recently took a trip to Berlin. Let me start off with saying that Berlin is such a fun city with lots to do but while Clint and I have become quite good at travelling together, this was our first experience of travelling with another couple. My friend Hope (you can find her amazing blog here) and her boyfriend Jordan had been Interrailing and we decided to head out and meet them at their last stop in Berlin.

This trip was also my first experience of staying in a hostel (blog post to come on that soon) so it meant we were also staying in the same room as Hope and Jordan. Not going to lie, I was very nervous about it. Thankfully we booked a private room with a bathroom between just us four. I know it’s not quite as adventurous as people who stay in dorms of 14 but I don’t even like sharing a room with my boyfriend, so for me, this was a BIG step.

Travelling with another couple

You may have read this wonderful guest post on travelling as a couple, but travelling with other people brings a whole new host of challenges. There is four people’s holiday to consider and you don’t want to be the reason they don’t have a good time. So, if you’re thinking of travelling with another couple then check out these tips before you go.

Have some alone time. As fun as it is bopping about a new city with your mates, it’s also good for you to spend at least some time alone in your separate couples to experience the place you’re visiting in a different way. It’s also better for everyone if you have some time apart so there’s more to talk about and you don’t get sick of each other.

Take charge. There is nothing worse than the whole ‘do you fancy going here for dinner?’, ‘oh, we don’t mind’, saga. It’s bad enough just in your couple, so when you’ve got four people being indecisive as to not rock the boat, you spend more time deliberating on what to do rather than doing it. Don’t be afraid to take the reigns and be the one that makes the decisions for the group.

Don’t argue with your partner. I don’t really feel awkward about stuff so I’m not afraid to have a go at Clint in front of people but when you’re with others, digging your BF out can make them feel really uncomfortable. If your partner has pissed you off either wait until your alone time, give him that subtle evil glare to make him know he fucked up or just move on and forget about it – you’re on holiday!

Travelling with another couple

Don’t expect to get too intimate. Especially if you’re sharing a room. I mean, you’re on holiday with your mates, it’s not a romantic getaway. Save that stuff for when it’s just you two. Unless you and your mates are into that, who am I to judge?

Get to know each other before you book. Even just four days is a long time when you don’t get on with someone. Do little tasters, familiarise yourself with each other, especially if your partners haven’t met. Luckily we all got on like a house on fire and had been out before but I can imagine it being very awkward if we hadn’t.

So there you have my top tips for travelling with another couple. Have you done it before? If so, how was your experience?

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