Top things to do in Berlin for couples

Couples guide to Berlin

Let’s face it, a couple’s holiday is very different from a holiday with your friends. A holiday with your significant other is likely to be less getting shit-faced on cocktails and more drinking nice wine at a restaurant. Unless you’re me and Clint of course who have been known to do the full spectrum. Note this one time on holiday that I lost my jacket in a bar and when we went to check if it was there the next day we were told, “no, but you left your dignity (AWKS). Anyway, getting the location right for any holiday is super important, especially if you want to have a nice romantic time. Back in April, we decided to give Berlin a go. We went with another couple and honestly had the best time, which is why I have put together a list of the top things to do in Berlin for couples:
Berlin nightlife

If you’re looking for somewhere to go during the day for a few drinks, you have to check out Klunkerkranich. It’s one of my most favourite bars in the world. It’s a bit tricky to find because it’s on top of a shopping centre roof but that kind of adds to the charm, to be honest. As it’s on the rooftop it makes its such a great spot to watch the sun go down, which is pretty darn romantic. If you don’t check out this little gem when you’re in Berlin, you’re really missing out! Although, as the evening went on the queue for drinks got pretty out of hand, not sure if this is a regular thing or they were just particularly understaffed that day.

Things to do for Couples in Berlin klunkerkranich

For those who like to take things long into the night, and even into the morning then Berlin doesn’t disappoint. In fact, some clubs open on Friday night and don’t actually shut until Sunday. This means you see some pretty bizarre sites in all fairness. Think man covered in glitter and bright clothes clearly off his tits sat next to two grannies outside a coffee shop. But because of the party scene, Berlin is famed for super long queues and unreasonable bouncers. If you’re looking for clubs in Berlin for couples, we decided to skip out on the big clubs for those exact reasons, instead deciding to give the MS Hoppetosse a try. We weren’t disappointed. Although being on a boat is pretty trippy when you’re drunk, it was really good fun. We also didn’t have to queue for 3 hours which is always a win! It’s a great spot for couples who like to party.

Due to the fact that after our night out on the MS Hoppetosse, I wasted a WHOLE day in bed nursing one of the worst hangovers I have ever had, I didn’t get to see as much of the city as I had hoped. We did, however, spend one day having a good wander around and Berlin is a super cool city. We stayed at Plus Berlin, which is right near the East Side Gallery and it was super interesting to see the Berlin wall after hearing so much about it. It made for a lovely, if not quite moving, stroll.

Things to do in Belrlin Couples

On top of the usual tourist attractions such as the tower and the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin is such a nice city to just get lost in. One of my favourite bits of the trip was all the little squares where you could stop for a quick beer in the sun and some street food. It’s one of the best bits of Berlin for couples.

Staying on the theme of wandering around, we came across Museum Island which had some really impressive buildings. Call us uncultured but traipsing around art museums isn’t really our cup of tea and from what we could see, they were quite expensive to enter to we decided to give those a miss. We did, however, go to the Museum of the Murdered Jews which is free. I’ve always been interested in war history and I believe that educating people on events of the past is so important in order to stop history repeating itself.

Museum of the Murdered Jews

It was very moving and I would recommend that everyone who visits Berlin should visit. Granted, it’s not the most romantic thing to do in Berlin but to experience it as a couple made us both realise how lucky we are to not just have each other but to also not have to live through anything like that.

Those that know me will know that I suffer from something called selective eating disorder so I am by no means a huge foodie but I must say the food in Berlin was pretty good. I was, however, expecting a good bratwurst but we couldn’t seem to find one anywhere which was a little disappointing – I do like a good sausage. The currywurst, however, was amazing. I would strongly recommend. Not that I ate much after spending the whole day in bed but we did walk past what looked like some really cute and romantic restaurants which looked perfect for a date spot.

Is Berlin good for couples?

So, is Berlin good for couples? Yes! It doesn’t matter if you are both super cultured or massive party animals (or maybe you’re both), Berlin has a little something for everyone. And to be honest, I can’t wait to go back and not be hungover so I can enjoy a little more of it.

P.S. Let me caveat this post by saying that I did waste a whole day being hungover. I woke up at 3pm before mustering up the courage to get out of bed at 5pm for a McDonald’s run. So it might not be the most comprehensive Berlin guide you’ll ever come across.

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