Five lessons in love from TOWIE

I’m a sucker for reality TV and as much as I know it’s been given a little nip and a tuck for our entertainment (see what I did there?), I love getting sucked into the…

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Is January the real month of love?

Did you know that the most popular day for online dating is in January? When you think of the 99 days of January, going on a date hardly springs to mind. I normally think about…

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Dating for over 40s

Even though I am still young and I would be comfortable if I was single, I still wouldn’t like to be on my own when I am older. Unfortunately, it’s a reality that anyone can…

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Silverstone Track Experience Day

What many people don’t know about me is that under all the pink and the sparkle is a die-hard Formula One fan. It all started from when I was a tot and used to sit in…

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

You just can’t beat Christmas, I love everything about it. It’s a time for celebrating those special relationships whether that be with friends, family or partners. It’s time for buying gifts, receiving gifts (eeeekkk), snuggling up and watching…

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