Do you REALLY care about mental health?

Granted that this post is a little different to what I normally write about and I know it’s been a while since I last posted but I just needed to rant and get something off…

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Top things to do in Berlin for couples

Let’s face it, a couple’s holiday is very different from a holiday with your friends. A holiday with your significant other is likely to be less getting shit-faced on cocktails and more drinking nice wine…

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What can we learn from Love Island?

As much as I loved this year’s Love Island, I am looking forward to having my evenings back. Ah, what I will do with that sweet extra hour added to my evening… probably watch some…

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Are hostels good for couples?

At risk of sounding like the materialistic princess I really am, the thought of staying in a hostel repulsed me. Sharing a room with hareem pant-wearing and weed smoking hippies was not my idea of…

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Tips for dealing with mice in your home

I’m not embarrassed to admit that we’ve previously had mice. I’m also not afraid to say that it freaked me out. I was obsessed, I struggled to sleep and I wasn’t content until every last…

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