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  • A boyfriend’s guide to fake tanning

    A boyfriend’s guide to fake tanning
  • How therapy helped my relationship

    How therapy helped my relationship
  • Is my relationship normal?

    Is my relationship normal?
  • My Valentine’s Wish List 2019

    My Valentine’s Wish List 2019

Why I Will Never Change My Last Name

Laura Lovejoy is more than just a name, it’s who I am. I would never expect anyone else to give up something as important as their name for me, so why am I expected to do the same?

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Having Doubts In A Relationship

I am not the kind of person who believes you just meet someone and that’s it, you are in blind love forever and never have any doubts. Maybe that’s because I haven’t had that kind…

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A Letter To The 13 Year Old Me

It’s my 23rd birthday today and while I know that I am by no means old, the past 10 years has really flown by and it got me thinking how I have grown as a…

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5 Things You Should Know About Men, From a Man

  By Laura Lovejoy First things first, you will notice that this is a blog post on what you should know about men, from a man and I am most certainly not a man. This…

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A Little Less Matching, A little More Dating Please!

By Laura Lovejoy As dry as this might sound, I get excited about algorithms. Not as excited as I would get about a new Urban Decay eyeshadow pallet or a trip to Disneyland but I…

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