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  • Is my relationship normal?

    Is my relationship normal?
  • My Valentines Wish List

    My Valentines Wish List
  • Is January the real month of love?

    Is January the real month of love?
  • It’s a hairy world out there

    It’s a hairy world out there

5 Tips for Surviving a Holiday With Your Boyfriend

If anyone can talk about surviving a holiday with a boyfriend, it’s me. During the last two weeks, Clint and I have been on two very different holidays together. One to Barcelona with some friends…

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Which Dating App is the Best?

At one point, Tinder was my life. It wasn’t just a way of looking for love or to meet new people, it was entertainment and I spent way more time than I should probably admit…

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What To Ask On a First Date

BY Laura Lovejoy The meaning of blind date has kinda changed. When our parents were growing up it usually meant that your best mate set you up with Dave from work and you went to…

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Why Sex Robots Are a Good Idea

BY Laura Lovejoy I spend most of my days reading about the latest tech and I am a firm believer that robots will take over the world. Not in an end-of-the-world-robots-are-scary way but in a…

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Tips For Dealing With Anxiety in a Relationship

BY Laura Lovejoy I hate it when people go on and on about their anxiety issues, it’s as though anxiety and depression have become fashionable but what many people don’t know is that I suffer…

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