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  • Is my relationship normal?

    Is my relationship normal?
  • My Valentines Wish List

    My Valentines Wish List
  • Is January the real month of love?

    Is January the real month of love?
  • It’s a hairy world out there

    It’s a hairy world out there

Why I Want But Don’t Need A Man

By Laura Lovejoy I remember having a conversation with someone about Beyonce and they really had it in for her. The conversation went along the lines of how can Beyonce call herself a feminist, she…

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A Guinness A Day…

BY Laura Lovejoy Last weekend we got back from our trip to Dublin. We spent the week in a lovely apartment with my Mum and Dad in Temple Bar right in the heart of all the action…

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Tips for online dating 

You may have read my post about life before online dating, which concludes that online dating is here to stay and it’s the only way forward. It also mentions how I have only ever dated…

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Life Before Online Dating

By Laura Lovejoy My first experience of online dating was in my first year of uni. I had just broken up with my ex and to prove to my uni friends that I was over…

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Appetence: Because love is more than looks  

By Laura Lovejoy Attraction is a key ingredient when it comes down to relationships, dating apps are almost based solely on choosing to talk to someone based on their looks. But how many people have…

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