Have You Found Mr/Mrs Right?

This is a question everyone asks themselves from time to time, even if you’re in a super committed and happy relationship (see my post on having doubts in a relationship) so when I was emailed this…

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What To Do When You Can’t See Eye To Eye

In every relationship, whether that be with friends, family or partners there comes a point that you don’t see eye to eye. This could be because of different spending habits or even something as silly as…

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It’s Time For A Little Me Time

Inbetween working and being out of the house for nearly 12 hours a day, being a top girlfriend and blogging, I feel like I am always being pulled in different directions and like I am…

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Why You Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day. Not that you need a specific day to show your love for someone but because I love having an excuse to celebrate something. I am the same with Halloween, Christmas, Easter,…

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Sometimes I Feel Like I Am In Barcelona

I’ve been waiting to write this post for while but rather than putting something together over Summer when everyone is still buzzing from their holidays, I thought I would wait until January when it’s dark…

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