GUEST POST BY Tommy Hibbits  You’ve experimented with test-tubes and circuits in high school, (or at least that is what following a diagram from a textbook was called), you’ve experimented with your hair, your cooking…

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Help! I’m going on a first date!

GUEST POST BY Lizzy Smith First dates are happening all over the country at all times. There’s probably a few hundred going on as you read this article. In fact, there is even a Channel 4…

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To anyone that has ever been lost

GUEST POST BY Lydia Haworth Your relationship’s ended. It’s hard to say what’s really ‘gone wrong’. Everyone is asking if you’re ok – but you’re not. Obviously. And where do you go from here? Everything…

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10 simple steps to keep a woman happy

Guys, keeping a woman happy is really not as hard as you think. Yes, we are wired differently to you men and sometimes it’s hard to understand each other’s way of thinking but unless you’re…

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