Falling out with the mother of my partner’s child

You may have read my post from a while back about meeting the mother of my boyfriend’s child. It was a strange situation, considering we had been together for three years before I met his…

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Tips for dealing with mice in your home

I’m not embarrassed to admit that we’ve previously had mice. I’m also not afraid to say that it freaked me out. I was obsessed, I struggled to sleep and I wasn’t content until every last…

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Is my relationship normal?

I get waaaaay too excited over Valentine’s Day. I get that it might be commercialised and a way for shops to get more money out of people but why not spend the day celebrating your…

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It’s a hairy world out there

Body hair. It’s a funny thing really. Its original purpose was to keep us warm or to protect germs from getting where they shouldn’t and now it’s little more than a fashion accessory. I’ve always…

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Why you’ve (probably) broken your resolutions already

I don’t know about you but whenever there is a new beginning, whether that’s a new year, new job, house or even sometimes just a new week, I’m always thinking of what changes I can…

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