When you know, you know

BY Laura Lovejoy I am 22 and Clint is 30, we have lived together for the past two years and are in what I would call a very serious relationship. Whether it happens in five…

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Do long distance relationships really work? 

BY Laura Lovejoy When I went off to uni, I was planning on making a long distance relationship work and while mine and my exes relationship was doomed from the beginning (hindsight is a wonderful…

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6 Tips if You’re thinking of living with your in laws

BY Laura Lovejoy Living with your own parents is hard enough. Living with someone else’s is worse. If you get fed up of your mum telling you to do stuff, you just shout at her…

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Jealous and insecure?

GUEST POST BY Daniel Snowling The jealousy that we experience in a relationship comes from the fear of separation which to one degree or another we all have, no one likes to have things taken…

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10 signs your boyfriend is worth holding on to

BY Laura Lovejoy Every person is different and this means every relationship is different. There is no special formula to know if you have found the one but here are my tips on how you…

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